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At ALL Landscaping Co., we offer expert quality design and construction services at competitive prices. We offer landscape design and construction services, lawn installation, trees & shrubs installation, outdoor lighting installation, drainage solution, earthwork, 3D design services and more.

Landscape design & Construction

The secret to an appealing landscape or garden is a great landscape design. We will work with you to come up with a landscape design that meets your vision and fits your budget. The landscaping design process begins with an initial consultation. An expert landscape designer will come to your location and work one-on-one with you to discover your desire and vision. You will share ideas and develop a concept for your project. Once the initial consultation is completed and we have established the criteria for fulfilling your needs, our creative development process begins.

We’ll draw up a design and preliminary budget which outlines the scope, directions and specifications of the project. Suggestions for materials and plantings will be made at this stage. After a budget and preliminary design has been decided, we’ll whittle down the parameters of the design and specifications, create a contract, and schedule your project. Every homeowner, landscape contractor and designer knows that projects change and transform as they are being built. We assure each client a clear line of communication every step of the design process. Let us design the outdoor living space of your dreams! We also have 3D design capabilities and are able to render beautiful designs using Google Sketchup. This service is typically credited if you sign with us for the build portion of the project.

Lawn installation

Is your turf tired, mossy or weed-ridden? Does it turn into a dust bowl when you try to mow it? Are you starting a landscape from scratch? It may be time to renovate the lawn! Turf grass is an essential feature to any suburban landscape. We’ve installed countless new lawns using seed, hydro seed, and sod in existing homes and new developments. We can hand over the keys to a beautiful green lawn and either maintain for you or give you the best advice to keep your lawn healthy and happy. The best times to plant turf grass and sod are early spring and early fall. The soil temperature, sunlight, and average moisture are perfect at these times.

Planting trees and shrubs

Choosing the right plants and trees for your landscape is a complex task our crew is ready to handle. The inclusion of a landscape designer in the installation of your landscape plants and trees can make the difference between having a mediocre landscape and a phenomenal one! Even a small investment can brighten the areas of your landscape that need the most help, like around your front foundation, entryways, or backyard living spaces.

Outdoor lighting

Every home and landscape looks better in the right light. Outdoor lighting not only highlights the best aspects of your landscape or garden, but also your house and other structures on your property like your deck, arbor, pool, pergola or gazebo. We can design and install an outdoor lighting system that will illuminate all your property’s best features throughout the evening. Why enjoy your home and landscape only during the daytime? You’ll see your outdoor living space in a whole new light!

Drainage solutions

The solutions to drainage issues can be complicated. Sometimes the solution is re-grading, which ensures a level base for drainage installation. Other times the solution involves soil amendments. But often, the solution is an installation of a French drain or a series of French drains around key areas of your landscape. If the French drain is placed underneath your lawn, we will encapsulate the drain in a landscape fabric and then replace some of the soil and sod on top. If the French drain is outside of your lawn, you will see what looks like a 6-8″ wide river bed on top. This is both decorative and functional. Surface water goes straight through the river rock down to the pipe below and is carried away to the water outlet. Over the past two decades, we have developed a great deal of experience coming up with solutions to handle unique drainage challenges. When you hire us, you can rest assured you’ll get a solution that works. 


We have the machinery and expertise necessary to do the heavy lifting for any landscape terraforming project. We can create berms and swales for drainage; grade and level existing lawns to make a non-usable area usable; and we can excavate for any number of reasons. We’re ready to tackle any earthwork solutions, big or small. Oftentimes our clients will simply need our help to move their resources like logs, wood chips, or soil to another location on their property.