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At ALL Landscaping Co., we offer maintenance and handyman services at competitive prices. We offer cleanup services, lawn services, pruning & trimming, garden bed maintenance, tree services, exterior paint jobs, power washing, playground installation, gutter installation and more.

Lawn mowing

Our technicians cut all turf areas, line-trim all of the hard to reach borders/edges, and air-clean all hard-surfaces on the property. We sharpen our blades every week and we use push-behind mowers for hard-to-reach locations. We can provide lawn mowing and lawn maintenance as-needed or on a scheduled basis depending on your needs.

Pruning & trimming

We can prune and trim anything from the hedges to a delicate Japanese maple. We provide this service from springtime through autumn based on the plant’s needs and overall health throughout the growing season. Our trimming service involves the use of power hedge trimmers to remove messy branches poking out from the tops and sides of shrubs. This provides a neat and manicured look to your shrubs and hedges. For our pruning services, we will carefully remove any diseased or dying plant material so that new, healthy growth can take its place during the following growth season. This aids the health and longevity of your plants and makes for a fuller, healthier bloom next season.

Mulching & decorative stone garden bed design

Bark mulch and decorative stone are two simple yet stunning ways to add color and definition to your garden bed. Bark mulch retains water for garden plants and improves soil conditions as it decomposes. After an existing or newly-installed garden bed is cleaned and edged, we can install mulch and/or decorative stone.  

Year-round Debris cleanup

We offer year-round debris removal, including transportation of debris to an off-site facility if necessary. We can clean garden and stone beds, turf areas, paved areas, and forested areas. We can also help with land-clearing in forested areas or future garden/turf areas.

Lawn dethatching

Dethatching is a service we typically do during a spring cleanup. We will use a ‘power rake’ to pull up all the old thatch on your yard (much like a fine-toothed comb), then we will collect the thatch and haul it away. It not only improves the aesthetic of the turf but also allows nutrients and water to permeate to the soil much more effectively.

Lawn aeration

Aeration is a service we offer in the spring & fall. To perform core aeration on your turf, we use a large rolling power tool to create perforations in the lawn. This loosens and decompacts the soil, which helps the water and nutrients to permeate the soil more effectively. Soil naturally compacts over time, especially in high-traffic areas of the lawn. Aeration also provides effective drainage for your soil, which will help prevent issues such as moss growth on your terf. Aeration is best when paired with overseeding.


Overseeding is the process of applying premium seed and starter fertilizer in the spring or summer months. This service can be combined with turf renovation, turf installation, or aeration.

Fertilization & turf treatments

We offer a 5-step granular fertilizer program starting in spring with applications every 6 weeks. Includes crabgrass control in the spring, grub control in the summer, and winterization with lime in November to control pH balance.

Handyman services

Among our handyman services are painting/staining house exteriors, fences, and decks; power washing services; playground installation; gutter installation and more. Contact us for specific questions regarding our handyman services.