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Hardscape Services

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At ALL Landscaping Co., our landscape designers offer expertly-constructed hardscape projects at competitive prices. We can craft patios, walkways, entries, landings, retaining walls, fences, decks, pergolas, steps & stairways, stone walls, posts, benches, fire pits, and more. We also offer interior hardscape services such as fireplaces and decorative stone masonry services. The hardscape materials we offer include flagstone, paver, fieldstone and stone veneer. 

Flagstone patios & walkways

A flagstone/slate patio is a classically beautiful way to enhance your patio-to-be. It’s hard to beat the natural look of slate or flagstone. Comparable in price to a patio made of other hardscapes like pavers or stamped concrete, flagstone is a great option.

We will discuss the ways in which you plan to utilize your patio or terrace, which will partly dictate our choice of paving material. Flat stones with mortared joints or sand-set brick are preferable for areas close to the house, such as entries & landings, and higher traffic areas. Irregular, dry-laid stones, crushed rock or packed decomposed granite are great for garden paths and casual areas. Dining areas or a seating terrace can be set up on stone, gravel or crushed rock, or wooden decking, depending in part on the furniture.

We’ll also consider color, porosity, and density when choosing materials. A light-colored stone or gold crushed rock may brighten a dark area, but could also create glare in an open sunny area, where a darker material might be preferable. Patios or terraces of stone or brick are most ecologically laid in sand or decomposed granite to allow natural drainage and airflow to the underlying soil to occur. This also helps to prevent runoff.

Paver patios & walkways

At ALL Landscaping Co., our paver installers take the time to do the job right so you and your family can enjoy a stable patio for many years to follow. Your new paver patio will look great and will be built to last through many New England freeze-and-thaw seasons. We have the experience to design and build a custom paver patio that will be the perfect match for your landscape or outdoor living environment.

Pavers are pre-formed concrete tiles designed to mimic the look of cobblestone, tile, brick, or even chiseled stone. The use of concrete pavers in both patios and pathways has been gaining in popularity over the years. Historically, clay/brick pavers were the most popular hardscape material, but pavers have evolved: instead of using brick pavers, interlocking concrete pavers are now preferred in modern landscapes. This is due to their increased strength and the wide variety of material and color choices available to us today.

Compared to other materials, pavers have many advantages. The main advantage of pavers over concrete and other materials is that they are more stable and therefore much less likely to crack. Even if something like a large tree root raises one area of the pavers, it’s simple just to dismantle and repair that one area: no permanent damage occurs.

Pavers are close to perfectly flat. Depending on the variety of paver you chose, they can provide great convenience when placing furniture and can create a nice flat area for children to play on. When installed properly, pavers actually have more compressive strength than concrete and should never settle, sag or move for as long as you own your home.

Pavers make a great material for pathways. Compared to other options for pathways (concrete, gravel, flagstone), concrete pavers often make the best choice because of their uniform surface, their custom look, and their reliability.

Fieldstone walls, posts & bencheS

Nothing says ‘Old New England’ more than a farmer’s stone wall delineating property lines. Stone walls can add timeless beauty and accent to just about any kind of yard. We’ve built everything from formal and informal stone walls to driveway posts, custom lamp posts, and stone benches. Our masons use time-tested techniques and quality quarried stone from trusted suppliers to level, chisel, and build beautiful, artful installations out of ‘just a pile of rocks.’

Stone veneer

Sometimes space, environment or budget limitations do not allow for a full-on field stone project. Many of our clients find themselves wanting the look of a well-crafted fieldstone wall to decorate an area where stone might not be so obvious, like their mantel or kitchen backsplash.

Stone veneer consists of a mixture of natural and man-made products including quarried stone, pigments, cements, and aggregates. The result is a more environmentally-friendly and economical stone product!

Stone veneer is an extremely versatile landscaping component. Many people only consider using it as exterior home siding, but it truly has a variety of uses both interior and exterior. There are endless possibilities with faux stone panels. Stone veneer looks excellent when used to cover outdoor tables, bars or low walls that build the boundaries of one’s outdoor living spaces, for example. It looks classy, adds texture and color to your space, and increases the value of the space as well as its curb appeal.

Segmental retaining walls

The first thing to consider when constructing a segmental retaining wall is construction procedures and base preparation. A wall built quickly and cheaply is not a wall that will last. A well-constructed retaining wall should be a functional and beautiful feature of your landscape. A poorly built wall will quickly lose its structural integrity and become an eyesore, even if the best materials have been used.

We always say the most expensive retaining wall is the one you have to pay for twice! At ALL Landscaping Co., we believe strongly in doing things right the first time. There are no shortcuts when we construct a wall. We know that base preparation is key to the final product and throughout the building phase, all rules of drainage and engineering will be closely followed. Our owner Louis, our project manager Andy, and each of our installers are certified wall builders. We’ll make sure your wall is a stunning and long-lasting addition to your landscape.

Segmental retaining walls are made of preformed concrete blocks. When most people think of these kinds of retaining walls, they envision the basic concrete wall blocks you can get at stores like Home Depot, but that’s just one type of retaining wall block of the hundreds that are readily available these days. There are a wide variety of wall blocks to choose from.

There are two main reasons you may decide to go with this variety of retaining wall rather than a rock wall. The first is if you are aiming to create a more formal aesthetic. If you have a paver patio or other concrete structures in your landscape or just want to have a more contemporary, formal look, then this kind of wall can complement your outdoor space.

The second reason you may want to consider a segmental retaining wall is if structural integrity is critical. Rock walls can fail or move, but a properly built segmental retaining wall should never fail, so if it’s important that the wall have optimum structural integrity of what it’s retaining, then this variety of wall would likely be the best option.

Fences, decks & pergolas

We design and install quality decks and fences made of cedar and vinyl, including custom-made cedar fences. In addition, we design and install custom-made wood/vinyl creations like arbors, trellises and pergolas.

Decorative stone work

Custom rock work can vary from strategic placement of boulders to enhance the texture of the landscape, installing granite curbing, or even a relaxing zen garden. Whatever the project, we are ready to help make your visions a reality. We’ve used a variety of natural and processed stone varieties to create beautiful river-rock beds and colorful stone-based gardens. We use pea stone in our playground areas installations, too!