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ALL Landscaping Co. Warranty Policies

Plant Warranty

At ALL Landscaping Company., we pride ourselves on installing thriving plant material that will suit your outdoor space while equipping you with all the knowledge you need to keep your plants healthy and happy. We typically warranty most plants that we install and follow the warranty from the nursery it is purchased from. These warranties last one year from installation date. Specific warranty details for plants will depend upon the nursery where they were purchased from and will be provided to you upon purchase. We source our plants from premier local nurseries who have exceptionally qualified horticulturists on staff. We are prepared to answer your questions and help you get to the bottom of any planting issues. Most issues arise within the first one to two months of installation and can easily be solved with a bit of cultural adjustment. Please contact us at the first sign of a problem and we will be happy to consult with nursery specialists to find a proper solution for you. 

Hardscape Warranty

Products: ALL Landscaping Company. primarily works with the following manufacturers of precast concrete material: Unilock and Techo Bloc. These manufacturers of hardscape products (ie. concrete pavers and wall block) carry their own warranties which may vary from one to another. These minimum two-year warranties apply to the precast block or paver specifically. The specifics of the product warranty can be confirmed with the selected block product manufacturer and will be provided to you upon purchase.

Installation/Workmanship Warranty

This warranty is strictly limited to contract work performed by ALL Landscaping Company.

From the date of installation, ALL Landscaping Company. guarantees your hardscape installation from settlement of pavers and walls, and from separation of wall units for a 2 year period under normal wear for which the installation was designed.  For example if vehicles or equipment are driven over a walkway causing settling of pavers, and the walkway was designed and installed for pedestrian use only, ALL Landscaping Company. will not be held accountable for damage from these actions.

Extreme circumstances (including but not limited to fire, vehicular accidents, excessive flooding, excessive freezing) causing damage to work installed by ALL Landscaping Company. are not covered under this or any other ALL Landscaping Company. warranty.

This warranty does not apply to efflorescence. Efflo­res­cence is a nat­u­rally occur­ring process in all con­crete prod­ucts that some­times appears in the form of a white pow­dery film on the pave­ment sur­face. It does not, in any way, com­pro­mise the func­tion­al­ity or the struc­tural integrity of the prod­uct. Although efflo­res­cence can­not be pre­vented, it will wash off over time or can be cleaned with an efflo­res­cence cleaner. ALL Landscaping Company. accepts no respon­si­bil­ity or lia­bil­ity for this con­di­tion.

In order to enforce the rights under this warranty, the owner should promptly notify ALL Landscaping Company. of the specific item or items of concern.  ALL Landscaping Company. shall respond to such warranty request within a reasonable amount of time. Any emergency requests will be given immediate attention.  If ALL Landscaping Company. finds in its reasonable judgment that the item or items requiring attention are covered by this warranty, it will promptly proceed to repair and/or replace the defective materials or workmanship, at its sole cost and expense, except to the extent it finds that such repairs have been made necessary by the negligence or intentional misconduct of the owner, or any party or parties associated with owner.

This warranty shall be void and will not apply to any materials which were originally installed by ALL Landscaping Company., then subsequently repaired, adjusted, or modified by an individual or entity other than ALL Landscaping Company. or its authorized representative. 

Replacements and/or repairs furnished under this warranty shall not carry a new warranty, but shall carry only the unexpired portion of the original warranty provided.

No person is authorized to make any warranties other than those described above or to extend the duration of any warranties beyond the time period described above.