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Grafton Pool Project Video by ALL Landscaping Company

Proudly presenting ALL Landscaping’s biggest job yet: The Grafton Pool Project!

This was one of the most challenging projects ALL has ever taken on, requiring numerous creative solutions throughout the process. For this massive project, we needed the help of several subcontractors, as well as civil & structural engineers. We also worked closely with the Town of Grafton inspection department for this project.

Because this property was a new development, the back yard had been left with a load of poor-quality soil which covered a sharp 45-degree slope. This slope turned out to be hiding ledge. We brought in help to blast the ledge with dynamite.

From there, we drilled holes into the ledge, inserted rebar into the holes, then used the rebar to anchor the concrete footings for the engineered block.

We built a segmental retaining wall using geofabric to retain the slope, using nearly 400 square feet of Techo Bloc Mini-Creta stones. Due to a constant stream of water coming from above the slope, we had to install several drainage systems. The wall contains geo-grid and engineered drainage features to overcome challenging slopes and elevations.

We installed a sweeping 1200 square foot patio, which cut into ledge and married into the existing wooden deck. It features an open-graded base to allow water to permeate through it with little resistance; modern, sealed, smooth slab pavers; and custom-cut paver covers for pool utilities. We used monolithic granite steps throughout, and planted the entire slope with wildflowers.

We worked with Environmental Pools Inc. to complete the pool. We also used Bluetooth powered landscape lighting to bring the space to life. We inserted the lighting elements into the wall and drilled into the patio block to insert the patio lighting.

Thank you to our Grafton Pool Project clients for giving us this opportunity. It has been our team’s pleasure to bring this incredible design to life!

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